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Principal’s Welcome Message

            A Heart-warming Welcome….

            It is with great pride and honor to welcome you all to the school website….

         A school that was known as the San Nicolas Primary School back in 1898-1900, then, it became San Nicolas Public School between 1900-1912, but because of its continuously growing population it was renamed Pedro Guevara Elementary School in June 1936 in honor of Mr. Pedro Guevara, A distinguished diplomat and a gallant gentleman and also known as “Pedro, the Filipino Fighter.”

          Pedro Guevara Elementary School, the first and oldest school in Manila that stands along San Fernando Street in San Nicolas is seated on a 5,300 sq. m. lot which used to be the Alcaiceria during the Spanish regime.

          An intensity 7 earthquake brought down the schools new L-shaped intermediate building to the ground on April 7, 1970. The national government quickly appropriate  and erected a new three-storey building.

        From 1980 to 1985 the new primary building was completed. A new big gymnasium was also constructed.

     November 1990 to February 1992 Greening and beautification campaign was given emphasis. A catwalk was also constructed for pupils’ convenience during mobilization. A Guevara annex at Baseco with five teachers handling Grade 1 and 2 classes was also established.

         The beautification and cleanliness drives continue with a new lawn and a Philippine map at the helm buildings are continuously repaired as the ravage of time seep in. A lot more are being conceived as throngs of pupil enter and leave the portals of the school P. Guevara will remain in the mid-stream of a potent society.

          An institution that when it comes to molding the young mind, it has a snapshot of the way today’s youth thinks. It is the emblem of the halcyon days of childhood as memoir of the past and future.

          Foremost in our minds is the welfare of the school children. We always exert our best to give them the opportunity and the climate necessary for the full blossoming of not only their personality but more so of their character.

          We regard every necessary undertakings and show resourcefulness just we could provide the learners with better learning environment, and this is people power at its best!

          Our endeavors have been to ensure that we serve God the best, strive for excellence and productivity, promote public morality, command responsibility, live simply and decently, value people and help them grow, search incessantly for innovation, focus work targets and prioritize, instill a high sense of urgency, and promote a clean work environment. 

          With the present administration, in support of its mission leaves no stone unturned. As they say, “Great things happen when there is a gathering of great minds.”


July 2019
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